Bachelor program “Law”

Program No. 1 in Ukraine.
The program provides an opportunity to develop the basic competencies necessary to start a successful legal career and opens up real prospects for employment in government and the private sector, in particular, in the best domestic and international law firms.
Advantages of studying
No. 1 in employer ratings.
No. 1 in the results of the unified professional entrance examination for master's degree.
No. 1 by wins in prestigious international competitions.
No. 1 in terms of the average entrance rating score.
Real selectivity of academic courses.
Study at foreign universities under mobility programs
Opportunities for advanced English language learning.
Zero tolerance for corruption.

The bachelor’s degree program Law combines the disciplines of the national model of legal education and adapted courses of European and American law school models. The program complies with Ukrainian national and modern Western standards of higher education developed as part of the Bologna Process. The training is focused on in-depth theoretical training and the development of effective practical skills.

Liberal Arts Education & Student Centred Learning –

The faculty adheres to the principles of free creative learning, with the student at the center. Students learn to think and argue their point of view, rather than focusing on memorizing legal texts and textbooks.

In the senior years of study, the share of elective courses reaches 50 %.

Thanks to a wide range of elective courses, students have the opportunity to form an individual specialization of their choice, which will allow them to find their personal niche in the labor market. In addition, students can choose to take any course taught at any other faculty.

Studying abroad

Students have wide opportunities to study at foreign universities under academic mobility programs, which are usually funded. Later, when applying for a master’s program, there is an opportunity to study under a joint double degree program with Vilnius University.

Kyiv-Mohyla Moot Court Society

The strongest Ukrainian community supporting the participation of students in international legal competitions – they win against teams from the world’s best universities. In 2019, the Faculty’s team won the silver medal at the most prestigious international media law competition (Price Media Moot Court Competition), being ahead in particular of the Oxford University team.

Other opportunities

Studying Legal English
the opportunity to attend English-language courses taught by native speakers.

The Institute of German Law
an opportunity to study German law in the original language.

Practice and internships
at the best international and Ukrainian law firms and government agencies.

Law clinic –
is an opportunity to learn how to provide legal assistance to real clients.

Moot court trials,,
conducted by active judges is an opportunity to acquire the skills of a litigation lawyer.

The amount of places

The license capacity is 125 places. Of these, 71 are financed from the state budget.

Studying in Mohylianka is distinguished by the fact that you really have to study here, there are no other options. After all, our university is more than couples in classrooms, it is incredible people who create many interesting events.
Bachelor program “Law”
Program structure and evaluation system

The program is designed for  4 years of study, its scope is 240 240 ECTS credits:
145.5 – compulsory disciplines and coursework;
70.5 – elective courses;
15 – practice (5 credits – 1st year of study; 10 credits – 4th year of study);
9 – state certification (“graduation” exams).

The form of study is full-time. The maximum weekly load is 24 hours (i.e., no more than 12 pairs per week).

The university has a rating system for assessing knowledge. The rating grade in a discipline is assigned on a 100-point scale – it is the sum of the points received by the student in the process of studying the discipline, completing individual tasks and passing the control measures provided for in the working thematic plan. The rating grade in the discipline is a comprehensive characteristic of the student’s competence, which takes into account the results of all types of academic work during the semester, the results of intermediate or module control and final control of knowledge.

Admission requirements

Admission is based on the results of an external independent evaluation. The rating score of the applicant(s) is the sum of the grades received at the EIT and the average score of the document on complete general secondary education, converted to a scale from 100 to 200 points, which are multiplied by the appropriate weighting factors:
Ukrainian language and literature – coefficient 0.3;
History of Ukraine – coefficient 0.3;
Mathematics or a foreign language – coefficient 0.3;
Average score of a document on complete general secondary education – coefficient 0.1.

The results of the competitive selection and submission of original documents are displayed in real time here:

Contacts of the Faculty
+38(044) 425 60 73

4 building NaUKMA, room 302
St. Voloska, 8/5