Studying abroad

Studying abroad allows to obtain new academic experience, improve language skills, take courses that are not available at KMA, get acquainted with a new culture, establish new contacts and perspectives.

Students can combine their studies at the faculty with studies at foreign universities under the master’s double degree program, as well as under academic mobility programs.

Master’s double degree program
“International and European Union Law”

This is the opportunity to study at KMA and Vilnius University (VU) simultaneously and obtain two diplomas.

This program is open to any student of the Master’s program in Law, and there is no separate admission to this program.

The double degree program involves mastering an integrated curriculum, studying at the VU for one (spring) semester, writing a coursework and a master’s thesis in English under the simultaneous supervision of a KMA professor and a VU professor, and defending a master’s thesis at KMA with the participation of VU professors.

The tuition fee at the VU is EUR 1000.

Requirements for the program participants: – Bachelor’s degree in Law; – enrollment in the Master’s program in Law at NaUKMA; – English language proficiency not lower than В2; – signed a corporate agreement with KMA. Courses taken at the VU are credited to the individual curriculum of KMA students.

The possibility of studying under this program in 2021/22 will be specified.

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Academic mobility programs

Starting from the 2nd year of studying at the bachelor’s program, students have the opportunity to participate in academic mobility programs – visiting foreign universities and studying there for a semester. The courses taken abroad are included in the individual curriculum instead of the courses that were to be taken at KMA at that time.

Tuition, travel and accommodation abroad are usually funded.

Excellent conditions for mobility are available to students of the Master’s program, who have a real opportunity to participate in academic mobility several times during their studies.

The logos of the partner universities are available below.

International Department

Study of Ukrainian students abroad and study of foreigners at KMA are supported by the International Department. Its website you provides more information about the opportunities and conditions of such study.

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