Human Rights and Protection Thereof

The purpose of the elective academic course is to form a proper attitude of law students to the issue of human rights as one of the basic values of European society, as well as to develop comprehensive understanding of human rights as a fundamental humanistic value of modern society and a legal category secured by judicial protection, and to provide students with systematic knowledge, and facilitate the development of practical skills in the use of national and international mechanisms for the promotion and protection of human rights. The course aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the philosophy, theory and history of human rights, the content and scope of fundamental human rights, international standards of these rights, the legitimacy and grounds for limiting human rights, and national and international mechanisms for their enforcement and protection. The course is focused on acquiring the skills of using the provided knowledge in general life by actively participating in social processes, in civic activities, in the sphere of private life, in the choice of beliefs, attitude to ideology, religion, as well as assisting in the exercise of rights by others and successfully applying them in future professional activities. The main objective of the course is to acquire a certain system of general theoretical knowledge about human rights, skills of working with international and national sources on human rights, skills of analysis of human rights practice in Ukraine and use of national and international mechanisms of human rights protection.

4 credits
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Spring, summer
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