Practice and internship

The Faculty constantly cooperates with leading Ukrainian law firms, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, which greatly expands the opportunities for students to undertake internships and employment.

Practical training and internships provide wide opportunities to acquire effective practical skills necessary to start an independent professional career.

Students can choose the place of internship in their senior year of study.

The faculty considers internships not only as an educational component, but also as an opportunity to find the first job. Most students of master’s programs combine their studies with work in their specialty.

To provide this opportunity, the Faculty closely cooperates with leading domestic and international law firms and government agencies, which provide very good feedback on the level of training of the Faculty’s students.

The Faculty ranks the highest in the ranking of employers (ranking of the magazine Money” (“Hroshi”)).

Internships at the best law firms are usually based on the results of a competition.

Students are selected for internships in government agencies based on their academic performance, and the internships are conducted on the basis of agreements between these agencies and the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, which are concluded, in particular, with the following agencies:

– State Judicial Administration of Ukraine;

– The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine;

– The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

– State Bureau of Investigation;

– National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine;

– National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption;

– National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service.

List of practices

Specialty “Law”:

1st year of the bachelor’s degree program – summer, 3 ECTS credits;

4th year of the bachelor’s degree program – spring, 7.5 ECTS credits;

1st year of the master’s degree program – spring, 18 ECTS credits;

2nd year of the master’s degree program – spring, 12 ECTS credits.

Institutions where students undertake internships, traineeships, and work:

Contacts of the Faculty
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