General English

The General English course program is based on a communicative approach to language learning and belongs to a new type of educational programs. The task of practical, active mastering of the English language is put forward. The basis of the development of this type of program is the theory of communicative language teaching (Communicative Language Teaching), comprehensively presented in the works of Holliday, Himes, Munby, Brumfit, Rivero and others. The communicative program necessarily involves the preliminary study of language needs (needs analyses) and the development of a compromise between group and individual needs. The course program involves the systematic and comprehensive use of technical teaching aids (audio, television, and video equipment), as well as other methodological tools and techniques that contribute to solving the problems of teaching oral language and situational speech orientation.

7 credits
Subject matter of the discipline
Autumn, spring
Semester of teaching the discipline
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