Mission and Strategy

The Faculty of Law is one of the best national law schools and is No. 1 in Ukraine:

According to the rating of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Employers (mostly members of the Ukrainian Bar Association) strongly favor the graduates of the Faculty. The Faculty cooperates with the majority of the leading legal law firms and public authorities, which allows graduates to expect successful employment in their specialty.

Winning international competitions

The Faculty is the only one in Ukraine whose teams have won prestigious international student competitions, outperforming teams from world-renowned universities. The structure of the educational programs includes many international law courses, which allows our students to confidently win against teams from international law faculties.

According to the average score of unified professional entrance exam,

In all the years of the admission campaign for the Master’s degree program in Law, the graduates of the Faculty’s Bachelor’s degree program have obtained the highest average results  of the unified professional entrance exam from among all law schools. Such results are the only objective assessment of the quality of educational programs in Ukraine.

According to the admission ranking for the bachelor’s degree program

Throughout the years of existence of the External Independent Evaluation, the bachelor’s degree program has attracted applicants with the highest average score among law schools and universities in Ukraine. This means that the Faculty attracts the best school graduates who are eager to grow and therefore join the competitive educational environment of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

The Faculty offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in “Law”, Master’s degree program in “Public Management and Administration”, as well as a PhD program in “Law” and “International Law”.

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The Faculty adheres to the principles of free and creative learning, with the student at the center (Liberal Arts Education, Student Centred Learning). We strive to ensure that graduates of the Faculty have broad outlooks that allow them to develop throughout their lives and be professionally mobile. They should be able to think independently and critically, not be stereotypical, have modern legal understanding and developed professional skills. They should have a high level of legal culture and professional ethics.


The Faculty of Law of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” is an elite law school that creates, preserves and spreads knowledge in the field of law.

The Law Faculty is a part of the Kyiv-Mohyla community, which forms a highly educated, nationally conscious, honest, caring, creative personality capable of thinking independently and acting responsibly in accordance with the principles of goodness and justice for the development of an open and democratic society.

Faculty development strategy

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