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Сертифікатні програми — це спеціалізовані навчальні програми, що діють на бакалаврському або магістерському рівні вищої освіти і дають можливість студентам НаУКМА отримати поглиблені знання та здобути ефективні практичні навички у певній правовій сфері.

Master’s certificate programs are an alternative to the specializations that usually exist in other Ukrainian law schools. In domestic education, specializations often limit the educational opportunities of future lawyers, as it is almost impossible to choose courses that are not consistent with the specialization (for example, if you study labor law, you are unlikely to have the opportunity to take courses on intellectual property law or EU law, etc.). The specialization is indicated in the diploma of higher education, which potentially narrows the employment opportunities.

Certificate programs do not have the above disadvantages – they are carefully structured sets of optional courses in related subjects, which provide an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and effective practical skills in certain legal areas.

The courses covered by the certificate programs are included in the Master’s or Bachelor’s degree program “Law”, so participation in these courses is included in the individual curriculum, but does not increase the weekly academic load of the student(s) and does not require additional payment.

During the study, students can take several certificate programs or choose none, forming their own unique individual plan.

Successful completion of each certificate program is awarded with a separate diploma (certificate). That is, a graduate of the Master’s program in Law can receive several diplomas – a diploma of higher education in the specialty “Law” and a diploma (certificate) confirming the completion of a certificate program in a particular “specialization”.

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