Physical Education

Physical education is recreational in nature and does not affect the students’ weekly classroom workload. The content of the discipline is aimed at forming students’ need for a healthy lifestyle and physical self-improvement. Academic physical education classes are organized during the fall and spring semesters for 2 hours per week. A special educational department has been created at the department for students with certain health conditions. Students with disabilities, who are exempted from practical classes due to their health, write essays. The department operates 10 sports sections (basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, mini-football, athletics, chess, fitness, strength training, athletics), selection for which is conducted on a competitive basis. The NaUKMA Sports Day and various mass sports events are held annually. Teams of NaUKMA participate in district, city and all-Ukrainian sports competitions, choosing prize places. The best student-athlete of NaUKMA is annually awarded a commemorative grant named after Andrii Hospodin. From generation to generation, many students of NaUKMA have passed on the tradition of a successful combination of study and systematic sports.


4 credits
Subject matter of the discipline
Autumn, spring
Semester of teaching the discipline
Final control
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