Common Law Contracts (in English)

The course deals with general and specific special issues of common law contracts with a focus on English and American jurisdictions.

Special emphasis is placed on the fundamental legal aspects that accompany the “life” of the contract from its conclusion to successful execution or violation. The course also emphasizes the unique features of contracts in common law compared to Ukrainian law (for example, consideration, statute of frauds, parol evidence rule and the specifics of rules regarding compensation for damages).

In today’s globalized world, knowledge of at least certain basics of Anglo-Saxon contract law is a significant competitive advantage for a Ukrainian lawyer. For example, English law is very often chosen by the parties to govern cross-border transactions. Therefore, the course will be particularly useful for students who plan to build their legal careers in the international sphere, as they will most likely encounter Anglo-Saxon contract law in their future work to a greater or lesser extent.

3 credits
Subject matter of the discipline
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Mykhaylo Soldatenko
senior lecturer of the Department of Private Law (part-time)
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