Oleksiy Gorokh

Oleksiy Gorokh
Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law
Oleksii Horokh started his academic career in 2001. His scientific achievement is more than 140 publications on the problems of criminal law policy, punishment and its application; exemption from punishment. Among his scientific works: 4 monographs, 2 textbooks, a scientific and practical manual and a scientific and practical commentary to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Oleksiy Gorokh is an active participant in many international conferences, symposia, and round tables.
Oleksiy Gorokh's significant achievements in scientific and pedagogical work, positive feedback from students and faculty members of the Faculty became the basis for his being named the Teacher of the Year of the Faculty of Law at NaUKMA in 2015.
In addition to teaching at NaUKMA, Oleksiy Gorokh is also a lecturer at the Center for Training and Advanced Training of Attorneys (Kyiv) and the Higher School of Advocacy of the Ukrainian National Bar Association (Kyiv).
Oleksiy Gorokh combines his research and teaching activities with human rights protection practice. He has been practicing law since 2001 and has been an attorney since 2007. Oleksii Gorokh is a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association (2009), the Ukrainian Association of Criminal Law (2015), and the Committee on Legislative Initiatives on Advocacy of the Ukrainian National Bar Association (2016).