Constitutional Jurisdiction

The course implies the formation and development of students’ knowledge and appropriate comprehensive understanding of relevant constitutional instruments for the protection of human rights, guaranteeing the constitutional foundations of the public authorities functioning, and the protection of the constitution. The course is based on the theory of constitutional law, includes consideration of foreign experience and, obviously, presents an analysis of the Ukrainian peculiarities of the constitutional jurisdiction functioning. The relevant model of constitutional control, typical of the continental system of law, is gaining more and more importance in law enforcement practice today, so this course will offer students understanding of the peculiarities of preliminary and subsequent constitutional control, as well as the analysis of the tools for their practical application. One of these tools is the institution of individual constitutional protection (constitutional complaint), which is given special attention in the course program. The course aims to develop master students’ understanding of the constitutional instruments practical significance for the protection of human rights, as well as the key role of the institution of constitutional jurisdiction in this process.

3 credits
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