Strengthening International Ties: Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Law School Delegation Explores Collaboration with Yale Law School

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at advancing global collaboration in legal education, a delegation from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’s Law School undertook a transformative visit to Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Led by Dean Dr. Volodymyr Venher, the delegation included Dr. Oleksii Tseliev, Dr. Mariia Melnyk, and visiting professor Taisa Markus.

The visit sought to build a cooperative framework between the two esteemed law schools, encompassing mutual development and the exchange of knowledge. In addition to discussions on the three pillars of cooperation — Legal English, Digital Law, Criminal International Law, and Business Law — the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Law School also extended invitations to professors from Yale Law School to share their expertise with Ukrainian students.

1. Legal English: Recognizing the pivotal role of language in the legal profession, the delegations explored avenues to enhance legal English proficiency among students, ensuring they are well-prepared for global legal discourse.

2. Digital Law: In an era of rapid technological advancement, both institutions delved into collaborative efforts on the frontiers of digital law, with an emphasis on sharing knowledge. Professors from Yale Law School were invited to contribute to this endeavor.

3. Criminal International Law: With a shared commitment to advancing the understanding of international criminal law, the delegations exchanged ideas on collaborative efforts to deepen expertise and broaden perspectives in this crucial field, especially pertinent for Ukraine during the war time.

The delegation of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, expressing gratitude to Dean of Yale Law School Heather Gerken for her warm reception and insightful discussions, highlighted the fruitful meeting that delved into various aspects of cooperation.

Over three enriching days, the delegation had the privilege of having meeting and enriching discussions with distinguished figures such as Scott Shapiro, Bill Eskridge, Jim Silk, Bruce Ackerman, Oona Hathaway, Jeff Sonnenfeld, Jim Whitman, Jim Tierney, Altier Florian, and others.

A significant highlight of the visit was attending a class led by Gene Fidell, dedicated to the war of Russia against Ukraine. This provided a unique perspective on the ongoing conflict, offering valuable insights that are crucial for understanding the complexities of the war situation for students from all around the world.

Meetings with Gordon Silverstein and Carrie Field provided a platform to explore collaborative initiatives, particularly in the realm of Graduate Programs.

The visit was made possible with the assistance of the USAID Justice for All Activity and Artmem Shaipov, whose support played a pivotal role in organizing this enriching exchange.

This visit marks a substantial leap forward in fostering cross-cultural collaboration and knowledge exchange between the Law School of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Yale Law School, setting the stage for a promising future of shared insights and educational advancements.