The Rule of Law and Constitutionalism: Contemporary Problems

“Rule of law and constitutionalism: modern problems” is a complex discipline that involves familiarizing students with the modern understanding of the concepts of “rule of law” and “constitutionalism”, their theoretical foundations and practical implementation. Through the analysis of the components of the rule of law and the peculiarities of their practical application, students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the processes of applying the principles of law directly in rule-making and law enforcement activities. The course program also provides an analysis of the modern understanding of constitutionalism and its main manifestations regarding the limitation of public power and the guarantee of human rights. The purpose of the discipline is to develop master’s students’ knowledge and relevant skills in understanding the mechanisms and tools of the application of the rule of law and its components in future practical activities, to lay the foundations for the practical application of the norms of the legal fields, as well as to increase the level of students’ legal culture.

3 credits
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