Вирішення суперечок в СОТ (англ.мовою)

This is a course for undergraduate students that covers the institutional structure of the WTO dispute settlement, the procedural stages of WTO dispute settlement, including consultations, Panel and Appellate Body process, implementation of the decisions and retaliation mechanism. Most important and topical WTO case-law is analysed. During the course we discuss the most contemporary issues of the WTO dispute settlement, including the Appellate Body crisis, the introduction of the Multiparty Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement (MPIA) which Ukraine is party to. The functioning of the MPIA within the framework of the WTO dispute settlement. The students will be able to draft procedural documents necessary for launching of a dispute in the WTO. We also discuss participation of Ukraine in the WTO dispute settlement, trade war with russia which preceded the full-scale invasion of russia in Ukraine, deliberate on the prospects of Ukraine’s post war dispute settlement activities and Ukraine’s role in the WTO dispute settlement after becoming a member to the EU.