Kateryna Anishkevych: «People create institutions»

Kateryna Anishkevych, a 2022 graduate of the Bachelor of Laws programme.

[…] I have been a Bachelor of Laws with honors for a year now. This status is not about paper or premises, grades or credits – it’s about time, about a part of your life that you spend in a certain community.

Kyiv-Mohyla was a place where I never found answers to many of my questions (and you probably won’t either), but I finally started to ask the right questions. I think much deeper than I used to.

The people I studied with gave me a very strong sense of competition and at the same time inspiration that still fuels me to this day. […]

I wouldn’t probably want to study in an environment that was too lenient, because it has nothing to do with real life. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy reproduced reality, so it was really easy for me to find my first job […]

If a person wants to become a lawyer, and especially a lawyer who is willing and able to work within the Ukrainian context from the perspective of both international and Ukrainian law, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is a very good choice.

It has not only a well-developed Moot Court Society (and if you want to become a lawyer, this is a very important aspect), but also lecturers who have serious cases behind them (and this is important because Lviv does not yet offer such large-scale prospects as Kyiv in the legal aspect).

My Alma Mater provided me with the best friends, gave me time to think, and encouraged me to think critically. I am currently overcoming many obstacles thanks to the experience that my university gave me.

At the same time, choosing a university is not a “lifelong choice”, it is an attempt at a certain age, considering the priorities, desires and opportunities. But if there is an opportunity to jump higher, take it.

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