International Law and International Politics (in English)

The course will familiarize students with the approaches of different schools of international relations and international law regarding the relationship between law and politics in the global arena. Among other things, the schools of realism, liberalism, institutionalism, constructivism, as well as traditional and alternative legal schools (positivism, political and critical approaches, etc.) will be considered.

Students will learn about different points of view on, among other things, the following questions: In what environment do states interact (in the rule of law or in anarchy)? Is international law law in the traditional sense of the term? Why do states sometimes follow international law and sometimes not? Is it possible to create a world government in the future, and is it even necessary?

Students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the application of the learned approaches to the role of law in various areas of transnational relations (use of force, environmental protection, international treaties and political agreements, international investments, international trade, etc.) and in relation to past and present events in international politics (war in Ukraine, global warming, trade wars, competition between the USA and China, etc.).

3 credits
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Mykhaylo Soldatenko
senior lecturer of the Department of Private Law (part-time)
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